We combine expertise in both solar system design, installation and maintenance. Among our capabilities:

  1. Mounting and installation of rigid solar panels on RV, van and camper roofs. Panels can be mounted either permanently or temporarily.
  2. Design and sizing of off-grid, standalone solar systems, free phone consultations available.
  3. Assembly and installation of all the required components for a fully functioning solar system.
  4. Power generation/consumption monitoring equipment.
  5. DC powered LED and incandescent lighting systems.
  6. Solar-powered cooling fans.
  7. Sales of solar equipment such as:
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Solar panels of various sizes, both used and new
  • MPPT & PWM charge controllers
  • DC circuit breakers
  • Resettable fuses

We offer entry-level solar systems starting at around $250 without batteries capable of running fans and charging cell phones. Other systems can cost up to several thousand dollars depending on required wattage, capacity of batteries and number of solar panels and whether the system must connect to existing wiring in an RV, camper or van.